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Bangladesh is an Asian Country located just beside India. It´s cuisine style is mostly Bengali, but it incorporates other elements form the Arabic culture (especially beef), which distinguishes it from Indian Bengali food. Bangladeshi cuisine is filled with high fiber rich grains, such as rice and lentils (which are widely produced all over the country) and it also manages to use fish in most creative, delicious dishes (fish is one of the most important sources of protein for people in Bangladesh, because it remains on the cheap side).

Although Bengali is the main cuisine style, food in Bangladesh has a lot of variations. Bangladesh is a big country, and it´s crops and products vary a lot from one region to another, which results into a rich varied food industry. If you are close to the coast, you are more likely to get seafood and all the different kinds of spiced coconut and coconut milk. Poorer regions consume lots of dried treated fish, and beef is rarely eaten.

In cities like Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh) located in the central area of the country, people use spices and curries, and dishes involving rice and meat are center pieces of the local diet. Vegetable curries are more likely to be found in the West and North West areas. Bangladeshi food is known to be one of the most spiced in the world and it is because of spices that it sets itself aside from others. Spices are varied and used in almost every dish. India´s cultural influence is also seen in beverages such as Lassi (made from yoghurt) and Chai tea that is available almost everywhere.

The variety of fruits and grains also make dessert cooking a true art. Bangladesh is known for it´s amazing pastries and milk based desserts combining local fruits like papaya, lichee or mango.

If you are travelling through the country, we can assure you that eating will be an amazing experience, but we also know that not being used to all the spices and oils may result in a not very pleasant experience of heavy indigestion. But do not worry. All of Bangladesh´s big cities offer a lot of international cuisine restaurants that can help you feel at home while eating a nice hot chicken soup to give your stomach a break. If you are travelling around small towns and villages, we do recommend that you do some shopping at the local markets and get some basics like salt water crackers and cereals that can be helpful in these cases. It is also important that you make sure that you eat in clean places, and that all the food is fully cooked. There is a bit of a risk of catching nasty stomach bugs, especially being a tourist not used to local parasites. So if you have any doubts about the freshness or cleanliness of your dish, it is better to refrain from eating it, no matter how well it may look. Remember that health always comes first.

Bangladesh is one of the most populated countries in the world. Located in Africa, Bangladesh is a country that for years was only known by it´s high poverty rates and the terrible conditions in which its population lived. However, Bangladesh has managed to create social development policies that have been recognized by the United Nations and have lead to tremendous improvements in Human Development.

Considering the fact that Bangladesh´s democracy was recently restored (in 1991), the country has managed to overcome some of the most urgent needs of it´s people, but it still faces some important challenges concerning environmental, economical and social issues.

Bangladesh´s efforts to strengthen their economy have lead to amazing improvements, such as lowering their dependence on credits from 85% in 1998 to 2% in 2010 and according to the World Bank; the country has managed to achieve a 5% annual growth since 1990. However, Bangladesh is still a poor country in which people face hard realities of hunger and illness. Health and Education levels remain low but they have also improved greatly within the last ten years, and literacy has reached a 56% rate.

Most of the people of Bangladesh live in rural areas and are dedicated to farming, but there is an increasing growth of the textile industry which is attracting people to big cities in which they are becoming factory workers as hourly rates for workforce remain considerably low.

Bangladesh is mainly an Islam practicing country, and 89% of it´s population describes itself as Islamic. Second major religion is Hinduism. As of 2010, secularism has strengthened in Bangladesh, and it´s country is still working on eradicating brutal religious practices and punishments that are carried against people (mainly women) by village courts. Bangladesh government is making a real effort in maintaining secular principles issued in it´s 1972 Constitution.

Bangladesh is a country in which old and new merge, and in which people keep interesting and important traditions alive. Traditional language is Bengali and there is a wide variety of literature still being produced in this language. People of Bangladesh still maintain popular clothing (saris are the most worn garment by Bangladeshi women), religious and popular celebrations and typical Bangladeshi music.

This is a country in which social efforts have translated into people´s wellbeing, and initiatives like the Grameen Bank (which earned it´s founder Muhammad Yunnus the Nobel Peace prize) and that has managed to help poor rural women in overcoming their situation. This model bank working through micro loans and credits has been spread all over the world and has proven to be a solution to extreme poverty through confidence and group solidarity.

As you can see, Bangladesh is a country with a complex reality, but it´s efforts to improve have attracted the attention of international agencies such as the UN and the World Bank. It is an example of a country that manages to overcome difficult social and political situations to improve the quality of life of it´s people, which makes it an example for other developing economies.

Although the overall conditions of Bangladesh keep getting better, and although the economy begins to find some stability, food security is still an issue for the Bangladeshi people. According to USAID, 43% of children under five years old suffer from some kind of malnourishment, and 30% of the women have low body mass index. Main source of caloric intake (75%) is still just rice. The key issue to this problem is the fact that there is no sustainability.

Weather conditions are also a problem. Latest monsoon rains have broken the river banks, causing severe flooding and displacing hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. This affects living conditions and it also affects food production as a big part of the arable land is under water. And the major problem is the fact that food shortage in Bangladesh has a tendency to be higher in a few years because of the rapidly growing population and the growing unemployment rates, and it will hit a critical level by 2050.

Governments, corporations and individuals throughout the world have been looking for a way in which the food problem in Bangladesh can be addressed properly. There are several non government agencies that are working in Bangladesh, trying to help people overcome their nutrition problems. Fact is the core issue will not be solved by bringing food to people, but by helping Bangladeshi people to become sustainable. How? There are a number of possibilities, commencing with birth control to lower birth rates and stop demographic explosion. Strengthening household economies and showing people how to raise animals and grow simple crops is another option, and so is attracting investment so unemployment rates can get lower. But it is not as easy as it sounds. It needs to be done consistently through a lot of years before seeing any positive result.

Realities like the one the Bangladeshi people are facing are not local problems that will remain on their own countries. It is a fact that what happens in one side of the planet affects the other side sooner or later. So helping out is responsibility of everyone. Caring for natural resources and finding sustainability is not responsibility of poor countries like Bangladesh alone. There should be similar efforts in every country of the planet so we are able to find a balance that keeps us safe and that guarantees that we will all have enough water and food for years to come. This is why engaging in efforts to help other countries, like Bangladesh, can come back as a change on everyone’s reality in the future. You can find a lot of information about initiatives to help Bangladesh through the internet, but we recommend checking some of the most recognized, such as The Hunger Project Bangladesh, Action against Hunger, and Hunger Free World. The sites of these projects may also redirect you to other organizations that are working in smaller scale and in which you may be able to get involved in a number of ways, such as becoming a sponsor or volunteering.

In order to play poker, one has to be up to date with the latest in poker. This is how many do this. They do this with a poker magazine. There are many things that one can expect from a poker magazine. They all differ, here’s just how they differ as well.

Tips are something that many can expect when they read through a poker magazine. Since there are new games that come out, many want to know how to win. Part of knowing how to win knows which games to play. This too can be found in a poker magazine.

Something else that can be found in a poker magazine would be interviews with some of the most well known people in the poker industry. Many have learned how to play poker through these interviews and a little research of their own. Here they share their secret and help others who wish to make it big with their success at playing poker.

As there are a number of strategies to play different poker games, one can find out about this as well in these magazines. These strategies aren’t normally told to other people unless one gets the magazine. They are the exclusive things for those who subscribe to these magazines.

There are many who prefer to play poker online. Something else that is found in these magazines is the different rankings of these sites and the cash that you get when one wins. One can find which games are the hottest to play at the moment as these changes all the time. Then, one can find which casinos are the places to be at when one is in it to make some money.

The news of these online sites and the casinos might work to your advantage as well. That is why a poker magazine like Bluff or CardPlayer will give the latest news of the top sites as well. The number one things that they are known to tell people about are the sign up bonuses for online poker sites. There are other things as well as they tell subscribers about those who have won recently and how big they have won.

Many have looked at these articles not only for the purpose of getting the latest tips and tricks to winning big from all the pros and all the strategies to make this happen, there are those who read them to learn about the casinos as well as the places to stay for when they go to these casinos. There are times when the trip is booked and it’s all done through the advertisement they saw in this magazine.

These magazines are sometimes online. Other times they are the paper magazines which are sent to your home address. More often than not, they are online magazines which are sent to a person’s email. This saves on postage as there are many who don’t read these even though there is much to learn from these. Here are just a few of the reasons that many subscribe to such magazines and just what useful information are in these magazines.

Peter Eastgate is one of the youngest poker players to have become a dominant figure in the game. He was born December 13, 1985 in Odense, Denmark. He was introduced to poker when he went to Sct. Canute Gymnasium. He later enrolled in Aarhus University as an economics major but he didn’t finish his studies as he left to play poker full time.

At 18 years of age he tried his luck in online poker. He established an online bankroll which was an incentive for him taking part in high stakes cash-games. He entered the Paddy Power Irish Open in 2007 and earned $61, 224 after placing ninth in the main event. He then entered the EPT Scandinavian Open in 2008 gaining an additional $14, 860 when he finished in the 32nd position. After these live events he qualified online for the World Series of Poker event.

He qualified for the Main Event through the Ladbrokes Poker website. Travelling to Las Vegas as a member of Team Ladbrokes he got to the final table with 18, 375, 000 in starting chips. He and Ivan Demidov got to the WSOP heads-up stage. Eastgate successfully went through a field of 6,844 players the second biggest field in the history of WSOP. After a two-day final table and 15 hours and 28 minutes duration, Eastgate beat Demidov for a first place prize of $9,154,416. This win also earned him a place in the poker record books as the youngest WSOP Main Event champion. At age 22, he erased Phil Hellmuth’s previous record who won in 1989 at 24 years of age. He was surpassed, however, by Joseph Cada, who in 2009 became the youngest winner of WSOP at age 21.

In January 2009, he entered the PokerStars.com Caribbean Adventure cash and side event and won $343,000. He also participated in the 2009 WSOP Main Event where he finished in the 78th position. At the time of his elimination he was the last remaining Main Event champion. He placed second in the 2009 London EPT and earned £530,000.

Since 2010, he entered the NBC National Heads-Up Championship in Las Vegas and finished in 5th place making him $75,000 richer.

In July 2010, Eastgate shocked the poker world by announcing his retirement from professional poker at an early age of 24. He said, “It was never my goal to spend the rest of my life as a professional poker player. My goal was to become financially independent. I have seen some amazing places and met many new people; it has been a great experience. I have decided now is the time to find out what I want to do with the rest of my life.”

Blackjack online is considered to be one of the most interesting and most popular casino games today. There are millions of people who know how to play blackjack but very few people who know how to play it right. The basic strategy of blackjack is one of the first things that players learn and it does help reduce the house edge to quite a significant level. However, it only helps up to a certain point. Card counting might work quite well but it is quite risky as well. However, by selecting the right version of blackjack and by using the correct strategy, it is possible to win consistently.

How to Win Consistently in the Long Run

Professional players make a lot of money playing blackjack online because they are fairly consistent in their winnings. However, there are a few things which you would need to keep in mind if you want to win more money in the long term:

· Never get emotional when you are playing. Always stick to the plan and the strategy.

· Only adjust your bet size and stick to the plan. With your bankroll you can step up to another level but do not chase loses. It is more difficult than it sounds since you might get happy, depressed, elated or frustrated but you will have to learn how not to get affected by it.

· Never focus on the short term fluctuations. Always have the bigger picture and the long term results in mind.

· Always have sufficient bankroll since there will be swings in the short term.

· When you set up a bankroll you should enough money which will keep you alive even after losing a few hundred hands. You can only win big if you have that big a bankroll.

· Chose casinos such as the mirage which have favorable rules. All casinos have different rules so select one where you would have the best edge. If a casino has a bigger edge, do not play there since it would only stack up the odds against you.

· If you are planning to go for card counting, it is important to learn how to count cards perfectly before you actually use it.

· Chose a solid card counting system but always pick something which you would be comfortable using. It is not necessary that a complicated strategy would always work well. A simple strategy can give you better results if you execute it perfectly without making any errors at all. Before you actually try the card counting method in a real casino it is very important to practice at home without money so that you have enough confidence to use it and also so that your strategy is perfect when you use it for winning real money.

These were a few simple tips which will help you win consistently over the long term. In blackjack it is not possible to win every single hand even if you play perfectly so you should always keep that in mind.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia with 54 cash game winnings and total winnings in the range of $ 700,000 with 7 first place finishes to his credits and one coveted WSOP bracelet adorning his wrist, this Pro rank 1 position holder at 1682 maintains a Pro rank 2 position of 62. He’s happily married and proud daddy to 3 daughters with a long poker-playing streak first exhibited in 1969.

His favorite style of poker is Omaha and favorite place in the world to play it is Las Vegas; his poker inspiration comes from Dan Harrington – so yes that was our short intro to Gary Benson!

Gary Benson is featured in the Australian Poker Hall of Fame and rightly so because he is the first Aussie to have won a gold at the WSOP (1996). He was then playing in the Limit 7 Card Stud poker and representing his country at the lucrative pro poker event.

He is known as the man in the black jacket who has been noticed ever since his first appearance in the Tasmania Casino tournament held in 1981 where he performed very well and has continued to win accolades for his consistency at the tables ever since.

He is also a very well known sports bettor in addition to being a professional poker player on Poker Stars. His interest in card games, especially poker was fueled at a very young age with his grandmother having been young Gary’s inspiration to take to playing poker while still in school, in the 1970’s.

It was in 1987 when Gary attended the Australian Poker Championship held in Adelaide that he got a first hand taste of playing in professionally organized events and loved the experience. He then made it a point to participate in all poker events arranged in New Zealand and Australia thereafter and by 2007, his collective wins from such events had exceeded $540,000.

It was his ability to read players as well as a sharp spirit of competitiveness that led Gary to build his prowess so he could out-maneuver more experienced and tough Titan Poker opponents in other mind games, like Chess, which he started playing at the age of 13. After joining the CCLA (Correspondence Chess League of Australia), Gary went on to win the championship arranged by the organization and was the recipient of the coveted International Master title for Correspondence Chess. That was in 2004. The next year, he focused on earning the Senior International Master title – and won that too!

How’s that for a winning streak?

The same kind of focused attention enabled Gary to secure poker wins for Omaha and Seven Card Stud where he plays high limit and big cash games mainly at his favorite poker spots – the Crown Casino, Canberra Casino and Christchurch Casino.

His first Las Vegas trip was in 1990 though the WSOP bracelet came to him in 1996, after 15 hours of battle strategy like play at the poker tables where Gary beat 247 players to clinch the title and rake in $148,200 for spectacular victory.

He also has three in-the-money finishes to his name, all earned during the 2006 WSOP.

As an avid poker player, if you’ve been looking around for the best choices in online card rooms, you are sure to have come across a mention or two of Full Tilt Poker. This is one of the most popular online poker rooms today, which was launched six years ago in June 2004 by some of the biggest poker stars in the business today. The top league of founders of Full Tilt Poker include Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, Andy Bloch, poker babe Jennifer Harman, Mike Matusow and and Chris Ferguson.

Due to the increasing popularity of its user-friendly features, cool rakeback deals, easy and efficient gaming software support and great freerolls, the room has earned the distinction of being regarded as the world’s biggest online poker site, second only to Pokerstars.

Lots of poker pros congregate here; so do advanced players looking for massive bonus amounts in real or even play money. With new poker enthusiasts though, the play money games are a good way to build up experience and learn the house rules to minimize house advantages when they are ready to upgrade to cash games or participate in tournaments.

The other attractions at Full Tilt Poker are a number of free poker games that members can play round the clock using new, innovative and constantly upgraded online software, be it ring games or tournaments and the best rakeback deals in the online gaming market today!

One can sign up for the various poker promotional offers at Poker30.net and open an account easily enough to get cool rakeback rates of 27% and avail 100% bonus offers provided the first deposit amount doesn’t exceed $600 as sign up bonus amounts!! Because the site gets a high volume of daily traffic and the rakeback deals are so good and quick, players can boost their rakeback during races as well as freerolls!

These Rake races can have up to $55,000 as part of the promo offers with exclusive freerolls in the range of $20,000 to $25,000! Additionally, the room has a special payment feature that enables members to receive rakeback directly into their poker account every Friday, with no restrictions on a minimum amount and easy rake share calculating tool that helps players determine rake per person so one is always aware of their contribution to the pot. Cool and convenient, isn’t it?

The room has 12 sit and go games or tournaments, multi-table facilities (so players can have an unmatched gaming experience of playing up to 16 tables simultaneously if they want) and a maximum 8-ring game. The ability to email support though would have been better if combined with some live support during peak hours, but regular users and advanced level players don’t seem to complaining much about this aspect.

Currently the room is accepting US players and those particularly keen on mingling with the pros are encouraged to sign up and play at Full Tilt Poker because the likes of Phil Ivey use their self-portraits as avatars and readily chat with amateur players to enjoy a good game!

Loads of game variety (including their newest addition called Rush Poker – a fast paced game that increases number of hands dealt to a player), poker client availability for Mac users, professional player sponsorships, tournaments in the million dollar prize range and no distracting casino links at any of the poker tables you choose and a cool new mobile software version makes Full Tilt Poker a market leader in the dedicated poker gaming zone online!

Magazines are something that is quite popular. They have come a long way and many love to read them. Many have multiple subscriptions to different magazines. There are all sorts of them out there. Yet, how much do we really know about them is a question we all wonder.

Many use magazines to find the latest fashions. There are some others that use them to keep up with the latest technology. Others use them to learn recipes while some use them to find the dish on the celebrities. They serve all sorts of different purposes.

What we know magazines to look at hasn’t always been that way. What is this to mean? The first magazine is said to have come out in the 1700’s. However, as we know magazines to be these short sweet and to the point easy readers, this wasn’t always the case. At one time, they were just like the books we read today.

It wasn’t until well after World War II that the magazine as we seem them today took form. This was because of the fact that they couldn’t afford to print as much as they could back in the day during this time period. This is why the magazine has gone to the shorter version that we know it as today. Some continue to be a little on the thick side, but one can expect to pay a bit more.

What was once used to talk about the political beliefs of people is still used for the same thing to some degree today. However, now they have added a whole lot more to these magazines. It’s all about keeping the readers happy which is why so many different magazines have come out on the market.

The price of magazines varies depending on the magazine. It’s all about how many advertisements they can get in the magazine as well as how much color is included in them as well. It also depends on how much printing has to be done as well.

However, the magazine industry has taken a different approach. This approach started during the World War II era. Many find that these magazines portray women in the wrong light and lead people on. They use the advertisements to push the things that parents try to talk their kids out of such as smoking. On top of that, they find that some of the photo ops in these magazines show half naked women and half naked men.

Magazines aren’t so much written by a staff anymore as well. There are many magazines that take submissions from people and publish them in these magazines. They have sections where they publish things that the readers wrote to the editor and many other things. Many have taken the approach that these magazines are for people who like certain things so what better way than to allow them to help them create the magazine since they would know best. All they then need are some fillers for the magazines which talks about some of the latest things of that subject.

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