As you all know, the World Series of Poker isn’t just for those in the United States. They are for those around the globe. Even Germany has someone playing for them this year and you can look forward to seeing him play. His name is Eduard Scharf. He hasn’t come as far as some of the other men and women who will be playing against him, but he had to have come pretty far to make it this far.

He has come pretty far. Currently, Scharf only has two bracelets. He’s still a rookie compared to others that he is playing. In terms of cashes, he only has fifteen. Currently when you look at how much he has earned it’s not much. The current amount which he has earned is a little over seven hundred and ninety five thousand dollars, but this is one person we would like to follow.

He comes to you from Cologne, Germany, but he doesn’t let that stop him. He still plays hard even though he’s sort of the New Kid on the Block. It’s his family like that we are most amazed by. Many of the men and women who come to play in the World Series of Poker are single and have poured themselves into poker. We like the fact that he has a life outside of poker.

Back home in Germany, Scharf isn’t just the Full Tilt Poker download poker player, he is a wonderful husband. Who knew that wives let husbands play? Then, you will find that he is also a proud daddy. He is the proud daddy of two little children. Way to go Scharf.

He also has a life in poker back in Germany, but he didn’t quit his job to do this. He just picked up a second job. Back in Germany, believe it or not, but Scharf is a poker commentator. So, the love of poker doesn’t end in the United States when he’s playing in the World Series of Poker. When he’s not commentating, Scharf is actually at his day job. No, he didn’t quit his day job, but it does leave him dreaming as he is up in the clouds. However, he’s flying a plane. That’s right; when he’s not commentating he used to be a pilot.

While he loves online poker, and he does have a family, there are dreams that he has. One of those dreams this year as he participates in the WSOP is to earn another bracelet at a No Limit Hold’em Event. We think he can do this, but do you? Come see as he’s in this year’s 2010 WSOP.

Here, you can see him and many other fine poker players. His family hopes he wins big and moves his way up the ranking and secretly, we do too. Those who have watched him say that he has some fine talent and there is hope for him. We shall see how much hope there is soon. Will you be watching too? That is the question.