Phil Ivey was born in Riverside, California, but moved to New Jersey at a very young age and grew up in the Jersey area. Phil started playing poker when he was working at a telemarketing firm in Jersey with his co-workers and soon started going to Atlantic City. Ivey had managed to get himself a fake ID so that he could go to Atlantic City and play poker in his teenage years.

Ivey is one of the most well known Poker Stars in the world and also one of the most accomplished poker players in history. Throughout Phil’s career he has won five WSOP satellite bracelets and made thirty money finishes as well in WSOP events. Phil has also won one WPT title and eight final tables which is more then anyone else in WPT events. Phil also has some experience playing in EPT events and he finishes second place in 2006 at an EPT event in Barcelona. The five WSOP bracelets that Phil has won in his career all came within six years from 2000-2005 which goes to show you how quickly he has amassed his bracelets. Most poker players who have played 10-20 years don’t have any bracelets in the WSOP events, but Phil has already won five and should win more before he retires from poker.

Phil Ivey has been spending less time playing in tournaments the past couple years and spends more time playing cash games because the money is much better. Phil lives in Vegas now and can often be found at the Bellagio playing in the $4000/$8000 mixed game with other highrollers. Ivey’s biggest win in his career came in a heads-up cash match against Andy Beal in Vegas where he won a total of sixteen million in only three days of poker. The blinds were $25000/$50000 and limit Texas Holdem was the game that was played.

Ivey is also apart of the Full Tilt Tournament Team and often plays in the online poker room when he isn’t playing live cash games. There is usually a game every night or so on Full Tilt and Phil is often apart of the game so you can watch him play against other pros online anytime you want at Full Tilt. Phil has also appeared on lots of television shows over the years including Poker After Dark, High Stakes Poker and many other poker shows. When you have won as much as Phil Ivey has you often get the call to appear on television shows before other players.

Phil is married and currently doesn’t have any children although that might change within a couple years. When Ivey isn’t playing poker he enjoys watching basketball games and his favourite teams are the Lakers and Rockets. Phil also likes playing video games, golfing and betting on prop bets with his friends. There is no doubt that most poker players know exactly who Phil Ivey is and many people want to become the next Ivey. He has had a lot of success in a little amount of time and is now living a great life in Vegas playing poker, golfing and betting with friends.