Bangladesh is an Asian Country located just beside India. It´s cuisine style is mostly Bengali, but it incorporates other elements form the Arabic culture (especially beef), which distinguishes it from Indian Bengali food. Bangladeshi cuisine is filled with high fiber rich grains, such as rice and lentils (which are widely produced all over the country) and it also manages to use fish in most creative, delicious dishes (fish is one of the most important sources of protein for people in Bangladesh, because it remains on the cheap side).

Although Bengali is the main cuisine style, food in Bangladesh has a lot of variations. Bangladesh is a big country, and it´s crops and products vary a lot from one region to another, which results into a rich varied food industry. If you are close to the coast, you are more likely to get seafood and all the different kinds of spiced coconut and coconut milk. Poorer regions consume lots of dried treated fish, and beef is rarely eaten.

In cities like Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh) located in the central area of the country, people use spices and curries, and dishes involving rice and meat are center pieces of the local diet. Vegetable curries are more likely to be found in the West and North West areas. Bangladeshi food is known to be one of the most spiced in the world and it is because of spices that it sets itself aside from others. Spices are varied and used in almost every dish. India´s cultural influence is also seen in beverages such as Lassi (made from yoghurt) and Chai tea that is available almost everywhere.

The variety of fruits and grains also make dessert cooking a true art. Bangladesh is known for it´s amazing pastries and milk based desserts combining local fruits like papaya, lichee or mango.

If you are travelling through the country, we can assure you that eating will be an amazing experience, but we also know that not being used to all the spices and oils may result in a not very pleasant experience of heavy indigestion. But do not worry. All of Bangladesh´s big cities offer a lot of international cuisine restaurants that can help you feel at home while eating a nice hot chicken soup to give your stomach a break. If you are travelling around small towns and villages, we do recommend that you do some shopping at the local markets and get some basics like salt water crackers and cereals that can be helpful in these cases. It is also important that you make sure that you eat in clean places, and that all the food is fully cooked. There is a bit of a risk of catching nasty stomach bugs, especially being a tourist not used to local parasites. So if you have any doubts about the freshness or cleanliness of your dish, it is better to refrain from eating it, no matter how well it may look. Remember that health always comes first.